Faith Pottery by Annette introduces healthy cooking wares and chaffing bowls made with clay

Faith pottery by Annette is a handmade clay pottery business with many years of experience and skills in pottery. We started operating fully as a business in September 2020 and because of our quality products, we were able to sell to some restaurants and caterers in the past few months.

Faith pottery by Annette has a vision to produce beautiful, healthy and strong pottery to satisfy customer needs and to be reorganize as one of the best Ghanaian handmade clay pottery. We want Ghanaian and the whole world to accept and use our handmade pottery because of it’s health benefits and quality.

Since clay pots are very healthy to use, apart for the Asanka and the water pots our ancestors used, Our mission is to mould the clay into different types, styles and shapes of useful items such as decorative arts and clay cook wares which can be use for cooking and decorations.

Our clay cooking wares are Oven and Stove approved and can b use for cooking, baking, dishing and serving of food for both domestic and commercial purposes.

Types of products
1. Clay cooking wares ( pots/ pans with lid)
2 . Clay buffet chaffing bowls
3. Serving bowls, plates dishes, and Asanka bowls of different shapes
4. Animal figures
5. Tea pots and cups
6. Baking trays
7. Flower vases and pots
8. Candle stands and lampshades

Phone  : +233505351672
Email :
Location : Official town kasoa Ghana
Social media handles : we are on Instagram and Facebook as Faithpottery2020.

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