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Ladies wearing anklet, multiple earrings for fashion spiritually makes them slave — Osɔfo Emma

The founder and leader of the Hands Of God Power Ministry International, Osɔfo Emmanuel who is also known as Ogyam 1 has revealed that any lady who wears an anklet on her leg is a slave in the spiritual realm.

He said ladies who wear more than an ear ring are also a servant in the spiritual realm.

Speaking to D.C. Kwame Kwakye of Radio Central on the popular socio-spiritual show dubbed “About Life” on Sunday 20th December, 2020, he revealed that, such fashion trends works against women who practice.

He added that ignorance makes most women wear anklets and multiple earrings which hurts them spiritually over time.

Osɔfo Emma urges ladies who also wear earrings on their nose to desist from such habits since it has negative implications on them.

He continued that, “If you’re an unmarried lady, don’t wear rings on your ring finger. If you do that, you might not get someone to marry you.”

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In answering a question from a caller regarding promise ring given by men to ladies, Ogyam 1 cautioned that, “If a gentleman gives you a promise ring, it is good but you should not be excited too much about it”.

According to him, the questions the lady should ask herself are: “are the spirits in my family in agreement to this marriage or not? Is there anything from the guy’s side that can disturb the marriage plans or not?”

He added further that, sometimes when ladies put on their promise rings, evil spirits militate against their men. “The man may be unable to raise the necessary monies to come and finalise the nuptial arrangements.”

Osɔfo Emma as he is affectionately called took the opportunity to counsel unmarried ladies about the wearing of waist beads. “If you’re an unmarried lady, don’t wear more than three beads around your waist. The best is to wear one or maximum two”.

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He continued that, those who have any doubt about the things he saying can make a personal assessment of their lives and ask the following: “Ever since I started wearing multiple waist beads, how has my life been like”? “If married too, how has my marriage been after wearing multiple waist beads?”

According to him, one would come to a realization that, “ever since she wore multiple waist beads, things haven’t been smooth.”

He advises all ladies to be careful about the kinds of things they wear on their bodies.

He added that certain appearances of ladies are the same as that of some spirits in the spiritual realm. “So when it happens like that, you the lady is remotely controlled by the spirit you don’t know because all the paraphernalia on you are what the spirit wants and uses”.