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Kwahu East DCE list achievement in infrastructure, education, health, & more

The Kwahu East District Assembly in the Eastern Region is one of the assemblies that performed creditably in infrastructure, social development, and improvement of peoples’ living standards for the past years.

For almost four years now, the district assembly has undertaken more than 200 infrastructures and social development projects in education, health, agriculture, sanitation, housing, water, and roads.

This came to light when the District Chief Executive, Hon Isaac Agyapong addressed the third Ordinary General Assembly meeting of the fourth Kwahu-East District Assembly.

On education, the assembly has constructed 22 different infrastructural projects in our Basic and Senior High Schools across the district. The assembly has Expanded School Feeding to cover additional 22 schools as against 12 schools since the establishment of the District in 2008 to 2016.

The assembly also procured and Supplied 2,200 Mono and Dual desk to Basic Schools across the District and provided financial support to 780 students across the District.

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On Health, the assembly constructed 4 different CHPS compounds in four selected Communities and a 30-bed capacity ward.

The assembly also Constructed 1 Medical Diagnostic and Imaging Center. Trained 150 Maternal and Child Health Promoters across the district.

Again, the assembly also provided 10 hospital beds to selected health facilities.

On Sanitation, they Constructed 13 Institutional and Community Toilets and Constructed 98 household toilets in selected Communities.

In addition, they Constructed 19 different Small water systems in selected Communities.

On Electrification, the assembly Connected 27 Communities to the National grid and supplied and Installed 600 pieces of Streetlights across the district.

On roads, Bituminous Surfacing of 34km of roads, 55km have been awarded on contract, Routine Maintenance-220km feeder roads

On Social Protection, the assembly increased LEAP Beneficiaries households from 25 to 175. That is an addition of 150 households and supported 521 people living with disabilities.

They also Registered 3000 people free onto the National Health Insurance Scheme and also provided direct employment to 303 people through the Ghana Productive Safety Net Programme.

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The assembly Commenced construction of District Administration Office Complex and Durbar Grounds- 3 in selected Communities.

In an interview with Hon Isaac Agyapong, District Chief Executive, he said the performance of the assembly showed the commitment of the New Patriotic Party to bridge the development gap between rural communities and the urban.

According to him, almost all communities in the district were connected to the national grid which was crucial in the effective implementation of the Better Ghana agenda.

Additionally, Hon Isaac Agyapong said the peace and unity the district was enjoying would be sustained, and appealed to the chiefs, religious leaders, opinion leaders, and youth groups to continue supporting the NPP government to develop the area and improve the lives of the people.