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New Juaben Traditional Council Virtual Meeting: Kontinhene punches holes into its legitimacy

“From a careful reading of Section 15 {3}, it is instructive to note that, the law does not give room for a President who is unable to attend a meeting to preside over the same Traditional Council meeting in which he is absent through technologically-based means, such as telephone, Short Message Service {SMS}, Multimedia Messaging Service {MMS}, Over T}re Top Applications (for example, iMessage. Whatsapp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger), virtual meetings (for example Skype, Moodle, Microsoft Teams. Zoom, Hangouts, and other synchronous/asynchronous video conferencing tools)”, according to Kontihene of New Juaben Traditional Council.

Responding to a virtual meeting held by the Council and led by it’s President, Daasebre Professor Emeritus Oti Boateng, on 18th December 2020, Baffour Nyantakyi Tutu Boateng described the action of the Paramount chief as unlawful as enshrined in Chieftaincy Act 15 (3).

According to a statement signed and released by the Kontihene on Wednesday, 23rd December 2020, it stated that “The cardinal contention here is that the potential subsequent and continual use of any form of

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from the jurisdiction and in effect unable to attend the meeting, will flout section 15 (3) of the Chieftaincy Act 2008, Act 759, which stipulates as follows:

‘The President of a Traditional Council shall at meetings of the Council and where the President is unable to attend a meeting& the chief next to the President in seniority on the Council

“Let us remind ourselves that, anyone in charge of affairs, who closes his eyes to these legitimate facts

and concerns being raised, will learn bitter lessons through legal accidents and casualties” the statement advised.

Find attached full statement and earlier invitation to the meeting by the President:

DOWNLOAD FILE: 1224202015315-0g830n4yyt-new-juaben-traditional-council-virtual-meeting.pdf