Seychelles meets Ghana: Ama Maria Restaurant and Grill, my perfect discovery just in time for Christmas

Ama Maria Apartments, located in the Airport Hills, has been providing top class accommodation to guests for many years.

In the last 5 or so months, in response to COVID-19, management added a restaurant to its services. They currently accept orders on 0551464644, 0551464646, 0545504305 or on WhatsApp based on the menu of the day.

What is special about their food? You get to taste how the chef incorporates cuisines from the Seychelles effortlessly with Ghanaian flavours and style of cooking! You also get to have a complete meal from entree to dessert in a standard order or a mini pack.

I had the chance to sample some of Ama Maria’s delicious signature cuisine including the entree pie, coconut salad, mashed potatoes, assorted fried rice, pork, cheesecake with blueberry sauce, as well as the unforgettable Heavenly Oreo.

Watch my tasting experience below:

[embedded content]

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