Christians must be ambassadors of peace

Reverend Professor Benhardt Y Quarshie

Reverend Professor Benhardt Y. Quarshie of the Ebenezer Presbyterian Church, Osu, in Accra, has called on Christians to be ambassadors of peace for development.

He said peace was not only essential after elections and charged Christians to embrace and make peaceful coexistence a lifestyle.

He made the call in his Christmas message in the Church on Friday.

Rev. Quarshie said the birth of Jesus Christ signified the peace that God brought to humans, and that it was important for Christians to exhibit that value wherever they found themselves, especially, in politics.

He said, “We should be seen as peaceful people in our relationship with others, especially, during misunderstandings if we claim to be Christians.”

“God is the giver of peace hence if people experience this peace that He gives through Jesus Christ His son, it would be easier for them to give that same peace to others regardless the differences that existed,” he said.