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If you get pregnant, have the baby- Mzbel advises single 20 + year olds on her birthday

Ghanaian singer Mzbel is very emotional today.

Although today is her birthday and a day to be merry and jolly, the mother of one is having mixed feelings.

In a video posted on her Facebook page, the entrepreneur revealed that one of the boys in her custody named John whom she adopted at the age of 3 has left her.

According to Mzbel, John’s mom came for him after she realized that he was now fit and had a future.

In the video, Mzbel is heard advising young ladies in their early 20s to keep their babies should they have unplanned pregnancies.

“If you get pregnant, keep the baby. I’m telling you this. There’s nothing fulfilling than having a child you can call your own,” she’s heard saying in the “Twi” dialect.

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