How To Roll Hemp Cigarettes Like A Pro

A nice, tasty Hemp cigarette can make virtually any day a little bit better. Many people find that it’s more convenient to roll cigarettes than it is to use a pipe. Besides, a pipe has to be re-lit with every inhalation. Hemp retains its moisture a lot better than Tobacco, and that is why it doesn’t stay lit as readily.

Any way you slice it, pulling out a cigarette and a lighter is more convenient than carrying around a pipe all day. Unfortunately, there are a lot of Hemp smokers out there who don’t know how to “roll their own.” In fact, we are often surprised at the number of people who haven’t learned this basic skill. Let’s see if we can clear up that problem for some of you.

Step 1: Prepare Your Hemp

It will be necessary to break your Hemp into a coarse powder. You should be able to crumble it in your fingers with a little effort, but some strains and samples won’t be so easy. You may need to use some scissors, but there are also a lot of purpose-built grinders that can be acquired cheaply. Your local smoke shop will probably have a wide variety of grinders, so take your pick.

When the Hemp has been properly crumbled, it should not be a fine powder. A fine powder will tend to get sucked through the cigarette paper, ending up in the back of your throat. Sure, this stuff tastes pretty good, but no one wants a piece of it straight down the windpipe. However, if you don’t break it up good enough, you will have large pieces in the cigarette, which will inhibit the proper flow of smoke. The result will be a cigarette that is too tight and which requires the lung power of an Olympic champion just to get a hit.

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Step 2: Choose Your Paper

There are all sorts of papers on the market, but most of them are similar. Hemp smokers, like Marijuana smokers, will usually tend to use papers with a size of 1.25 or 1.5. JOB, Zig-Zag, and Bugler are all popular brands with good reputations. We aren’t really recommending specific products here, of course…just giving you an idea of the options.

1.25 papers are smaller, making it a little bit harder to use them. Novice rollers should probably start with 1.5 papers because they are much more forgiving. If you make a mistake and tear the paper slightly while rolling with a 1.5, you will probably be able to fold the remaining paper over the tear and make it work. However, a ripped 1.25 usually has to be thrown away.

Still, there is one problem with the bigger papers. When you use a bigger paper, you are rolling your Hemp in a thicker shell. That means a harsher smoke that tastes more like paper. The difference isn’t huge, but you will probably want to use small papers once your skills have begun to grow. That way, you get the taste and effects of the Hemp cigarettes without undue interference.

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Of course, there are also specialty papers on the market that offer unique features. For instance, some of them have a little piece of steel wire in them. That wire gives you something to hold as the cigarette gets smaller. Hemp-based rolling papers are also a popular (and highly appropriate) choice.

Step 3: Prepare Your Paper

You will need to take your paper and fold it in a certain way. There are many online videos that can show you how to do this, and methods vary a little from person to person. For instance, some people like to use the “boat” method, but this tends to be a more advanced technique. Someone who is learning should stick with a normal six-finger roll.

We call it a “six-finger” roll because you use six fingers to do the work: Your thumbs, index fingers, and middle finger. Start by folding your paper in such a way that it creates a small pocket at the base. Some people like to tuck the sides to keep the plant material from falling out as you complete the roll. However, this is not necessary.

Once that is done, fill the pocket with your shredded Hemp material. You need to make sure there are no small bits of stems in there, as these can poke through the paper and tear the whole cigarette. If you do get a tear or a rupture, you can use another paper (well-wetted for proper adhesion) to patch the gap. One other thing to remember: That little line of glue is not just a suggestion. Make sure that it is at the top of your paper and facing inward.

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Step 4: The Final Twist

Hold the paper and Cannabis in your six fingers and roll it gently. Your thumbs should move upwards while your index and middle fingers move downwards. It is very important to use the right amount of pressure here as well. If you are too gentle, you will get a loose-rolled cigarette that burns too quickly and puts Hemp bits in your mouth. Too tight, and you will end up with something that is too hard to hit.

You will want to taper the end to keep the Cannabis from falling out during smoking. If you find this to be difficult, you can twist a small piece of thin cardboard to make an improvised filter. Just tear off a thin strip, roll it, and then slip it into one end of the cigarette.


We realize that it isn’t easy to learn how to roll from an article. However, we hope that this will serve as a good starting point for you. We encourage you to look online for demonstration videos, as you will quickly find a lot of different techniques. Still, the one presented here is the simplest and most popular, so it’s all you really need. Thank you, and we wish you pleasant smoking.