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Joycelyn Angel of Opera news marries her Nigerian boyfriend

Fortune they say knocks once at every man’s door. We all marry once in our lifetime and even if one is a believer of polygamy, still, the first marriage often times is seen as special.

Today, the 26th of December, 2020, which is boxing day as part of the Christmas festivities has brought a lot of sunshine into the life of sister and a long standing good friend.

Joycelyn Abaka-Mensah who is known by Opera news readers by her webmedia name as JoycelynAngel has finally tied the knot with her long time Nigerian boyfriend, Samuel Ugochukwu Adibe in Holy matrimony at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at Kakumdo in the Cape North Constituency of Central Region.

It was a solemn occasion led by the Presiding Bishop, Nathaniels Knight who took them through the marriage vows and the exchange of rings. Before this was a talk given by Brother Thomas Kweku Ansah which centred on the foundation of marriage as instituted by God.

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The wedding reception was held at the Manest Hotel at Ekon which is a suburb of Cape Coast in the Cape South Constituency.

Preceding the marriage was the traditional wedding which was held in the peaceful home of Mr. Jacob Abaka-Mensah. Cecelia Awotwe, Joycelyn’s mother, her uncles, brothers and sister were in attendance to support.

Samuel Adibe and Christiana Adibe led the Nigeria contingent with other Nigerians domiciled in Cape Coast came to support Mr. Samuel Ugochukwu Adibe to conclude his marital rites.