Ghanaians Urged To Spread Love

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission has appealed to Ghanaians to endeavour to spread love, affection and sense of fellow feelings at all times to help sustained the prevailing peace in Ghana.

The Mission also urged Ghanaians to do away with jealousy and hatred for one another, and rather show love for all, as a value which many of the people are dire need of.

Maulvi Alhaji Mohammad Alhaji Salih, Deputy National President and Missionary in charge of Ahamadiyya Mission made the appeal at the 52nd Annual Regional Conference of the Upper West Region held in Wa.

He pleaded with all who belong to political parties and government functionaries to be agents of peace within their spheres of influence.

He said it was essential for everyone to be made aware that for the establishment of peace in Ghana, there was a greater need for high and principled moral values than ever before.

Maulvi Salih urged Muslims to see themselves as ambassadors of peace and an avenue for consensus building as a requisite for the development of Ghana.

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He said for Muslims to see themselves as leaders in peace building and development, they must become embodiments of the teachings of Islam, which, for all intent purposes is peace.

The Deputy National President said it was time for Muslims youth to refuse to be misused as machomen only to commit atrocities on fellow compatriots.

Mr. Bede Ziedeng, outgoing Upper West Regional Minister who graced the occasion, said Allah had been gracious to Ghana and Ghanaians must continue to seek his face and favour for a peaceful and stable nation.

He urged Ghanaians to endeavour to live above partisan and parochial considerations, while appealing to the Ahmadis not to use the occasion only to preach the Quran, but also, to use it to promote national unity, brotherliness and the spirit of forgiveness.

Mr. Ziedeng said Islam is a religion of peace which must inure to national development.

He however expressed regret that religious differences or diverse interpretations of the holy Quran could lead to violence and wanton destruction of lives and property.

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The Regional Minister entreated all sections and groups within the Mission to continue to respect authority and use dialogue to resolve any differences that might exist within the Mission.

He commended the Mission for partnering government in the provision of educational and health facilities and urged the Mission to continue with delivery of socio-economic programmes towards the improvement of the quality of life of the people.

Mr. Ziedeng appealed to religious leaders to join President John Mahama to fight against acts such as corruption, crime and moral decadence in the Ghanaian society.