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IHRC in Ghana, CNW International feed almost 300 street beggars ON CHRISTMAS DAY. 

25th of December is marked on the Christian calendar as Christmas Day. A day set aside by all Christians to show love among each other through the exchanging of gifts and presents.

On this day and as a routine activity on the calendar of Children Need Water International (CNW) and the Special Monitoring Mission of the International Human Rights Commission, it was observed with a series of activities to commemorate the day.

The team visited places like Tesano, Achimota, Circle, Airport and the 37 where beggars can be located within the GA municipality of the Greater Accra Region.

Present were some of the SMM Volunteers, CNW International Team, and Regional Volunteers Coordinator for the SMM – Ghana in the person of Amb. Ebenezer Essuman who is also the Founder and Executive Director of CNW International.

Over three hundred (300) people received items like Food, Soft Drinks, Used and New Clothing, Alcohol-based Hand Sanitizers and etc.

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The Street Beggars and the disabled expressed their Joy and gratitude to the CNW International Team and the SMM team for their benevolent move in putting such great smiles on their faces on such an important day.


Amb Ebenezer Essuman