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A/R: Teachers boycott GES’ curriculum training workshop over unpaid allowances

About 400 participants in the ongoing nationwide training workshop on the Common Core Program Curriculum being introduced by the Ghana Education Service have boycotted the training, which is in its fourth day.

The workshop, which began on Sunday, December 27, 2020, at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology was smooth until some participants protested the GHS200 training allowance given to them after the workshop.

Some of them in a Citi New s interview expressed their misgivings about the issue.

One of the participants said: “We were told that there will be four facilitators for fifty teachers, but we went to the field, and it was one facilitator to fifty teachers, and we were given GHS125 for transportation and GHS125 for feeding however the facilitators were given GHS400. So we feel cheated and insulted by that”.

Another one also said “The point is that the same programme has been organized for some people, and they were given GHS600 with transportation inclusive and others were given GHS700 but why is it that, for our batch, they want to give us GHS200? We don’t understand, and we will not accept that”.

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However, a Regional Training Officer, Raphael Sarkodie, told Citi News that the concerns of the participants will be resolved.

“…I think yesterday evening, participants picked up information from other regions about the possible monies that will be given to them for transportation and some few ones managed to sway the others, and so they have decided to let the authorities know about their displeasure.”

“The Regional Director indicated to them that this is bigger than the regional level, and she would forward their complaints to the head office for it to be addressed.”

— citinewsroom