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Techloo Pretty, this is your Online President.
2020 has finally folded up. Hureeee! Mary Xmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.

How was the Xmas in Kumerica?
We hope and pray 2021 get’s far better than 2020, the Covid-Year.

But if you are to remember one challenging thing in the year 2020, what will that be? Hold on, I can guess. Almighty Coronavirus, isn’t it?

I agree with you, but for some of us who has spent the most part of this decade on the Internet, we will also remember 2020 for a very good reason.

That is #WorkFromHome.
Covid-19 came with the #WorkFromHome movement and that has come to stay. It may take few more years to get the infrastructure right but that is definitely where the world is heading to.

Government of Ghana for instance, is rolling out Smart WorkPlace platform (https://smartworkplace.gov.gh/) to help all government agencies to work from home. I had the opportunity to be part of the Zoom training on that, organized by NITA (National Information Technology Agency, Ghana). Twitter has also declared that, ALL its staff can FOREVER work from home if they so wish. Many Companies have done that too. Unfortunately, many of the works in Ghana are NOT #WorkFromHome-friendly so how do we work from home?

This has led to many job lost in this period, especially in the private sector. I know people who have stayed home the entire year. No pay.

Now, how are we preparing ourselves so that a second generation of Covid-19 will not make us redundant again?

Remember: In 2007, coronavirus attacked the world. Scientist specially said “we are sitting on a time bomb” if we don’t distance ourselves from those animals that transmit the virus. The 2003 coronavirus spread in about 30 countries, infected about 8000 people and killed 800 and finally went to hibernation. It didn’t cause much trouble so most of us didn’t hear about it, until it raised its ugly head again in late 2019 at the same location (Wuhan, China).

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I hope it will set us free soon (I doubt), but don’t forget: Bill Gate has predict that a pandemic may hit us again. That it could be next year, it could be next 3 years. It could be next 10 years or next 20 years. The world will surely face a pandemic again. What do we need to do so that when Covid-19 visits us again, we will be in comfortable lead; thus, we will get our daily bread right at the comfort of our homes? So that we don’t spend entire year sleeping again.

This got me into thinking.
And around June last year, I started working on a book that will help the youth in Ghana to start a business on the Internet or migrate existing business onto the Internet. I titled it:

Digital First! The Step By Step Self-Employment Guide For Digital Citizens.

With your background, I’m pretty sure you will be a step ahead. You won’t have to be a gung-ho to maximize the book. But lemme hasten to add: I’m not talking about Network Marketing or Affiliate Marketing. I don’t mean Max International or CHI Mall International. I don’t mean Massive Save and I don’t mean Sherlock Shopping too.

None of that!
If you have been successful with any of the above companies then good luck Pretty. Stick to it. Every legitimate money be money!

What this book does is to convert whatever skills you have to a business on the Internet. It could be fixing computer hardware, it could be graphic design, it could be dress making, bead making, it could be teaching (mathematics, accounting, agric, English, French, Hausa, live skills, Singing, dancing, painting, poetry, literature, History, Preaching, Programming, Photography, etc), it could be anything. I know a Muslim guy in Ghana here, whose children learn remotely at a monthly cost. Their Islamic teacher is in Egypt, a physically challenged. Their only tool is Skype. This was way before Covid-19. I have personally worked remotely with a US firm too, for about 3 three years. It is located in Santa Barbara, Calif.

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Do you know where I was when I started that gig? I was in Atebubu, Bono East region. I was a National Service Personnel then. I was picking double salary at the end of the month; about 240gh or so from the National Service Secretariat and 100-150$ from Western Union.

You see, location doesn’t matter.
All you need is to know how to do something (or be ready to learn), this book takes care of the remaining requirements. It begins with how to generate business ideas using tools like Google Trend or Google Keyword Planner to analyze what people are searching for online, to getting your first sales in your momo account (Mobile Money Wallet). Everything in between is step by step, practical, and with no step skipped. When will the book be ready? The book will be ready in the 1QTR of 2021. I was supposed to release it before the end of 2020 but have extended it a bit so I can add more suff. You can have a sneak peak of what the book might contain in my telegram group https://t.me/InternetBusiness.

Do you have business already?
Don’t worry, you are covered! Either the book or the Weekly Series (I’ll talk about that soon) will be of help to you. Because, I discussed everything about Digital Marketing (Digital Branding, Blogging or Content Curation, Email Marketing, Web Analytics, Video Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, SMS Marketing, etc) which will benefit your existing business.

In fact, this first email you are receiving is the results of one of the chapters in the book: How to setup Email Marketing Company.

By the end of that chapter, you will also be able to send a Persona email like this. What makes it persona is the fact that the email seems to come from someone who knows you. No, I don’t know you personally, and this is my first email to you. You will learn all these tricks in the book. It’s a valuable skill that you can use to market your existing product.

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Moreover, I’m also given 5,000 emails for free, to everyone who buys a copy of the book.

How much will the book cost?
The digital version will cost 30gh on Amazon and ReaderApp. The print version will cost 50gh.

But wait……!
My desire is for every youth in Ghana to get a copy; but as the Akan adage goes: [Nsa tia nyinaa ny3 p3], which translates literally as “our fingers are not of same length”. [edey rain for Ghana here but ground still dey hard. Nsuo 3to, nanso fon eden].

So, I have decided to share a Weekly Series here on ModernGhana.com. This series will will guide you to achieve the same results in the book, for free. By the end of the year, you will have your Internet Business. Sharp!

Why is Online President so passionate about the Internet?

I’m so passionate about the Internet because that is the new world. No one is going back to “By The Fire Side”.

Take 2019 for example;
In 2019, an estimated 1.92 billion people purchased goods or services online. During the same year, e-retail sales (Internet Sales) surpassed 3.5 trillion U.S. dollars worldwide, and according to the latest calculations, e-commerce growth will accelerate even further in the future.

Now, how much of this 3.5 trillion U.S dollars came to your momo account?

This figure is expected to double by 2024 and there is a projection that by 2040, 95% of all buying and selling will happen on the Internet. You see we are in for a trouble if we don’t stay woke!

Stay tune!
I’m always on Faceboook, we can link up at fb.com/OnlinePresident