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Traditional priest don’t lie to clients if they have spirits backing them — Chief Priest

The Chief Priest of the Santrofi Shrine of Asebu and the Central Regional Chairman for the Psychic and Traditional Healers Association Limited, Nana Kojo Owonae has revealed that, proper Chief Priests of well functioning shrines do not lie to their clients.

He said, “you lie at the peril of your own live”.

“If I lie to my clients who come to seek help and tell them things that I’ve not been instructed by the spirits to say, my spirits will arrest me and I shall be in trouble”.

He added “I’m the mouthpiece of the spirits and my work is only to relay what I’ve been directed to say, not what I feel or want”.

According to him, herbs have a lot of potency and effective in providing solutions to those who need assistance. He was quick to add that, “The spirits are also there to fight spiritual battles of our clients and as such I cannot say what they’ve not said. Should the work fail, I shall be punished for being untruthful and also bringing shame and disgrace to the god’s and our ancestors.”

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Chief Priest Owonae revealed that, those without any spiritual backing their work are the fake Traditional Priest who often lie to their clients. “They are only in for money and lie their way to outwit unsuspecting clients. Because they don’t have spirits who guide their lives.”

Nana Owonae cautioned that everyone needs to be careful because there are “Powers apart from that of Almighty God and it works perfectly well”.

He noted that the Almighty God in his infinite wisdom created all these ‘god’s’ to help mankind succeed in life.

The Santrofi Shrine Chief Priest was speaking to D.C. Kwame Kwakye at his Asebu base, in the Abura Asebu Kwamankese District of the Central Region on Friday 8th December, 2021.

He ended by cautioning people who do not believe in anything to stay in their lane and don’t joke with other people because “I can say on authority that, there are powers and authority aside that from the Almighty’s power”.

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