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I voted for Mike Oquaye; ignore contrary claims – Hemang Lower Denkyira MP

The NPP MP for Hemang Lower Denkyira constituency, Bright Wireko–Brobby says the public should disregard allegations that he didn’t vote for Prof. Mike Oquaye in the Speaker of Parliament election held in Parliament on Thursday dawn.

In a statement issued on Friday, the MP said the claim is pure fabrication and distortion of the events that unfolded and can be considered contemptuous of Parliament.

“Parliament’s Standing Orders 29 (h) is categorical that the publication of false, perverted, misleading, distorted, fabricated or scandalous reports, books or libels reflecting on the proceedings in Parliament constitute breach of privilege or contempt of Parliament,” the statement said.

Mr. Wireko–Brobby after taking his ballot paper did not go to the voting booth before putting his ballot paper in the ballot box.

A video with running commentary that has gone viral on social media claimed the MP did not vote and may be responsible for the rejected ballot.

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“In the first place, I think that assertion that I didn’t cast my vote as is narrated in the video could not have been true because all votes were cast. Secondly, for the records, I voted for Prof. Mike Oquaye. And there are at least 4 different members of Parliament who can testify to this.”

“As this attached video of my voting which was live on TV shows, I was the last but three voter who was called. When I stood up from my seat, I took a pen from Ayawaso Central MP Hon. Henry Quartey. I then walked to go collect my ballot paper. As I walked towards the podium, I slowed down and paid particular attention to the names of the two people on the ballot paper. As I climbed the stairs to the podium, I slowed down further and used the pen I took from Hon. Henry Quartey to tick Prof. Mike Oquaye as my choice,” the statement explained.

“Not everyone who voted actually made use of the voting booth by going to stand in it before ticking their choice. A number of NDC MPs and NPP MPs like myself who had pens in our hands just went ahead to tick after picking up the ballot, and then walked upstairs to go drop it in the ballot box. Mind you, we did not have to write the names of the people on the ballot paper. All we had to do was tick, a process that took less than 5 seconds for me to do whilst I was walking up the podium,” he added.

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Mr. Wireko – Brobby says Prof. Mike Oquaye had shown over the last four years that he is a compassionate, loving and competent handler of the affairs of the house.

“And I have a strong admiration for him as the best person to steer the affairs of this parliament which is why I voted for him,” he said.

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“Disregard any rumours that I did not vote for him and disregard any rumours that I did not tick the ballot paper. I voted Prof. Mike Oquaye.”

“I am still baffled anyone would want to fabricate such outright lies against me. Let us not allow such lies to thrive. Our party shall rise from these difficult moments. Long live the parliament of Ghana and long live the New Patriotic Party,” Mr. Wireko – Brobby’s statement added.

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