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J.P. Adjimani Foundation reaches out to the mentally-ill on the streets

People are prone to illnesses of all sorts of which mental illness is one. It is based on this premise that LUNCH MILLS (Lunch for the Mentally Ill on the Street), an initiative under the J.P Adjimani Foundation, has taken it upon itself to feed mentally ill patients on some streets of Accra.

The plight of mental patients is often abandoned but LUNCH MILLS has taken it upon itself to help such. Every Saturday, its members go out to share their lunch with, at least, fifty mental patients on the streets of Accra.

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Speaking to Scribe News, the project coordinator of LUNCH MILLS, Godfred Nelson, emphasized, “No one cares about how these patients feed themselves. The future projection of LUNCH MILLS is to feed them daily. In the long term, it is our hope to put them in psychiatric hospitals for treatment.”

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The J.P Adjimani Foundation is a humanitarian body that spreads random seeds of kindness. To support them, kindly call 0207545681.

—Scribe News