4 Tips To Choose The Living Room Paintings

Choosing the living room painting can sometimes be a headache. We want the create an environment where we can spend our leisure time or reunited with family and friends; this kind of space should be perfectly decorated.

Also, when we have guests, the first thing they look at is the sofa and the picture on the hanging wall, just above it. For this, you must take into account a number of aspects if you want your choice to be the right one. But do not worry too much, because if you do not end up liking it, you will always have the option to change it for another or simply look for another place.

Tips for choosing paintings for your living room

#1: Choose what will best match the walls and the furniture

It will cost you to choose among so many materials, sizes, colors and designs, so, start thinking what would best match the walls and furniture in the room. Especially with the sofa; they are like brothers. These two elements are irremediably linked. Therefore, the tones and frame of the painting must match the king of the room. If you also won’t mind, you can consider painting for living room to see how beautifully and perfectly they could be in your living space.

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#2: Right placement is important

The main rule is that the box is less wide than the sofa. Imagine a bigger picture, which protruded around the edges; it would not be aesthetic. Neither can it be very close to the ceiling or the adjoining piece of furniture. Try to stay about 15 or 20 centimeters above or below these.

#3: What about the choice of colors?

If your sofa is a light color like beige or white, and the walls also have them in these tonalities, you can dare with a box of striking colors and crazy geometric shapes. If, on the contrary, the living room of your home is dressed in rather dark colors, look for the contrast with light tones in the painting.

#4: Choose based on your children’s’ taste

If you have children, you can take advantage of them to become princes not only of your life but also of the living room. How? Very simple, commission a mural with a photograph of them, sure they love it, and you will not lose sight of them at any time.

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