Lumigan- Usage, uses and complications

Lumigan eye drops, also known as Bimatropost, is a high-cost medicinal drug used to treat open-angle glaucoma and high pressure in the eye.

 Though this drug is less popular than comparable drugs, it is available in brand and generic form. Many insurance plans cover generic Lumigan, but buy Lumigan through pharmacy coupons or cash prices which aid in cutting down on the expense.  

Uses of Lumigan

  1. Lumigan can help in treating high pressure in the eye due to glaucoma or other eye diseases. High pressure in your eye can lead to several health hazards. Therefore, bringing the pressure down can aid in preventing long-term blindness and better eye-health. This medicinal drug also regulates the flow of the eye flow, which helps maintain the normal pressure.
  2. If you have intraocular hypertension, Lumigan will help in reducing the fluid pressure within your eye.
  3. The topical ophthalmic form of Lumigan aids in treating the issue of insufficient eyelashes. Usage of this specific medicine will increase the length, darkness and thickness of your eyelashes.


How to use Lumigan drug? 

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You can use the Lumigan drug by following several easy steps. 

Firstly, apply for this medicine on the affected. 

For applying Lumigan, wash your hands first. Also, avoid contamination by not touching the lid or letting it touch the surface.

If you are wearing any contact lenses, take them out before putting them in the eye. Lumigan contains a preservative that can stain lenses, remove the lenses and wait for fifteen minutes before putting in the drops.

Now comes the main part. 

For putting the drops, tilt your head and look upward. After this, pull your lower eyelid down. 

Hold the drug directly above your eye and put one drop into the pouch you created earlier by pulling down the lower lid. 

Once you have put the drops inside your eye, close your eye for 1 to 2 minutes and place pressure through your finger at the inner corner of your eye. Also, try not to blink or rub your eye during this period. Henceforth, these steps will prevent the drug from draining out.

Once you have used the medicine, tightly close the cap and do not rinse it.  

If you have to apply for any other medicine near the eye area, it is recommended to wait for 5 minutes. If you are to use an eye ointment, use it after putting in the drops. 

Precautions to follow 

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However, usage of Lumigan drops will require you to follow specific precautions. 

Firstly, we highly recommend consulting a doctor before usage. If you have some underlying conditions, injuries, or traumas near your eye, let the doctor know. They will then draw up an accurate dosage that can minimize any side effects the drops may have. 

Secondly, if you are using eyelash growth serums, make sure to wipe the eye drops to remove any excess that might have flown out of your eye. Only then will it be safe to use a serum around your eye. 

Lastly, it is important to note that Lumigan usage can turn your eye color brown, your lashes thicker or longer, and your eyelid color much darker than before. These changes may become permanent after you stop the usage of this drug. 

Bottom line

Conclusively, Lumigan shall be used regularly to benefit from it the most. Also, use the drug as prescribed by your doctor and continue consuming even if your eye seems to get better. Though This drug is extremely useful, it is not without its costs. Therefore, loom out for any side effects and consult your doctor immediately if something seems to go wrong.