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I’ve not sacked school caterers — Koforidua PENSEC Headmaster deny reports

Peter Atta Gyamfi, the Headmaster of Koforidua Pentecost Senior High School (PENSEC) has denied allegations of sacking school caterers.

Recent reports in the media suggested that Mr Gyamfi has sacked caterers of the school and replaced them with his wife.

In an interview with Koforidua based Bryt FM, the headmaster has rubbished such reports and has asked the public to treat it with the needed contempt it deserves.

He admitted food vendors in the school have been asked to go home due to the surge in coronavirus pandemic but said the move has nothing to do with those accusations.

“It is true; we have asked food vendors to go home because of the covid-19. Even before the outbreak of the disease their appointment had been terminated and the records are there to show,” he said.

Giving reasons to the termination of their appointment, he said, “At every work place there are rules and regulations which must be respected but because a chunk of the food vendors are members of the Pentecost church they think they own the school and that, do not listen to instructions from the school authorities.”

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According to him, the food vendors were asked to leave the school premises latest by 5pm after delivering their services but refused.

“The food vendors do not leave the premises on time which has been causing more harm than good to school children. Due to their late exit from the school, some of the student normally chooses to go to the canteen instead of preps. Government has not given the green light for students to bring mobile phone to school but if they bring it, these food vendors will take it and keep it for them, so which headmaster will sit down for this indiscipline to transpire at his school? he quizzed.

He affirmed management of the school has in countless occasions advised them but says their efforts proved futile.

Mr Gyamfi added that the impression they’ve created that they are the caterers of the school is null and void.

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“I’m stating it on authority that they are not caterers of the school. We have not employed them; they are sellers, food vendors, and people from outside. If they are really caterers of the school, then it means they are part of the school and if they are part of us do I have the power to sack and terminate someone’s appointment.

“Again, they claim, I have sacked them by replacing my wife at the said position but it is never through. My wife is a professional graduate teacher who teaches at the New Juabeng Senior High School. So I want the public not to adhere to their lies,” he noted.

He said he follows government policies and instructions and for that matter, won’t do anything contrary to it.

“If government has asked us to prevent parents and food vendors from coming to the school I have no power. So I followed government rules before I took those actions,” he intimated.

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According to him, he represents the Director General at the school level and has therefore promised to do exactly what he tells him to do.

He affirmed the food vendors will not come back even after covid-19 as he strongly believes they bring indiscipline to the school.