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Election Petition: I trust Kpessah Whyte totally — Franklin Cudjoe

The founder and President of IMANI Africa, Franklin Cudjoe has gotten social media ranting.

He said the testimonies of the second witness for the Petitioner John Dramani Mahama in the ongoing Election Petition, Dr Michael Kpessah-Whyte against the 1st Respondent, Jean Adukwei Mensa can be trusted.

Dr Michael Kpessah-Whyte maintained in Court that the Chairperson of the 1st Respondent, Jean Adukwei Mensa, tricked them [he and Rojo Mettle Nunoo] into leaving the strong room purposely to declare the presidential results.

During cross-examination by the lawyer for the 1st respondent, Dr Kpessah-Whyte said Jean Mensa instructed them to go and confer with John Mahama regarding some election-related issue and come back to the strong room.

Defending his statement in court whiles being interrogated by lawyer Justin Amenuvor, Dr Kpessah-White said he sees no reason for cooking up such story and even wonder why he will leave his car and other working tools at the Commission before going to meet Mahama as instructed if indeed they left on their own volition.

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In a Facebook post monitored by ModernGhana News, the IMANI Africa boss noted that he has no cause not to trust Kpessa Whyte.

According to him, it was the same way the EC told people in Santrofi, Akpafu, Likpe and Lolobi (SALL) in the Oti Region they will vote only to disenfranchise them the day before the elections.

“I trust Dr Kpessah Whyte, totally on being asked by the EC to go and consult the petitioner. It was the same way the EC told SALL they will vote only to disenfranchise them the day before the elections,” he posted on social media.