Apologize within three days – Nkoranza youth to Nkoranza Hemaa

Nkoranza Youth

The youth of Nkoranza traditional area has given three days ultimatum to the queen mother of the traditional area, Ohemaa Yaa Dudaa Kani, to apologize to them for what they described as lies peddled against them by the queen mother.

They said they have tolerated the rudeness and lies by the queen mother, though, they have a respectful, dedicated, and obedient person as the chief of Nkoranza in the person of Nana Kwame Baffoe IV.

The youth pointed to a recent publication on DNG Online which accused the youth Nkoranza of demonstrating against the chief of Nkoranza with the aim of preventing him from entering the chief palace. This is what has ignited their anger because the youth indicated that the story is untrue.

The youth of the Nkoranza traditional area vehemently denied the story and said they recognize Nana Kwame Baffoe IV as the legitimate occupant of the Nkoranza traditional area and would not do anything that would tarnish the image of the chief and the traditional council. He is a member of Bono Ahafo House of Chief so what is the essence of stopping or demonstrating against him?

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They accused the queen mother of bringing division especially between them and the chief, Nana Kwame Baffoe IV. They were rather grateful to God for giving them an occupant to the throne which has been vacant for some time. They expressed their appreciation and hoped that the vibrant chief and his elders would bring development to the traditional area.

The youth of Nkoranza reiterated that if the queen mother fails to heed to their demands within the three days ultimatum, the youth executives with the support of the entire youth would report the case to the police and would seek redress from the court justice.

The PRO for the youth of Nkoranza traditional area, Nana Nyarko, added that their sources indicate that the queen mother Ohemaa Yaa Dudaa Kani has rather brought in strong men (macho men) outside Nkoranza to prevent Nana Kwame Baffoe IV from entering the palace.

Story by Nana Boateng