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Tempane: Notre Dame educational complex closed down in Basyonde

A private school, Notre Dame educational complex in Basyonde in Tempane District of the Upper East Region has been closed down due to COVID-19 pandemic.

ModernGhana News team visit to the school on Monday saw that all the school gates from east to the southern part were under lock and key.

In an interview with the Acting Manager of the School, Apali Asaana disclosed that the school recorded low turnout after the resumption of schools compelling them to close it down.

He noted that only five of the children reported to the school.

According to him, the school was doing well at the beginning before COVID-19 and was even one of the best private schools in the area but due to the COVID-19 most of the teachers had gotten other jobs elsewhere.

He added that some of the school kids have moved to the public schools.

Mr Apali, however said, he has informed the school’s proprietor about the situation which he is yet to receive feedback on the wayforward.

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Georgina Asaana, a teacher of the school, blamed the closure of the school on the State closure of the schools for nine months.

She said most of the school children have found joy in trainings such as fitting, beautification and dressmaking.