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Curses: What it is, types and how it follows people — Osɔfo Emma explains

The Leader and Founder of the Hands of God Power Ministry International, Osɔfo Emma also known as Ogyam 1 has explained what curses are and how it affects people.

He said curses are spoken words which are said against someone. “Curses are on the tongue of everybody and that is where God chose to hide it from people. The power of our tongues surpasses that of a tiger in the forest.”

When asked why he thinks the tongue of humans is more deadly, he said the “Tongue of a man can besmirch the body of man, condemns people and destroys life.”

He spoke to D.C. Kwame Kwakye on GBC Radio Central’s show “About Life” on the topic “Curses: Does it Affect More Women or Men and Why?” on Sunday 7th February, 2021.

On the programme, Ogyam 1 outlined three main categories of lifestyles people indulge in and how it brings curses upon themselves.

First, he explained that, in a situation where someone deliberately mudslide another for no reason and that person whether hears it or not, shall bring curses upon the one who accused the other falsely.

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He explained, that behaviour among Fantes is called “Abɔwoterim aka”. Thus, saying something against someone and knowing those accusations are falsehood. “For peddling obvious untruth about someone brings curses upon yourself.”

He cautioned people to be cautious about what they say against others since it has spiritual implications.

Secondly, he said the next type of curses comes about when an argument ensues between two people and one says something against the other.

Ogyam 1 clarified that this situation normally arises when there is misunderstanding and words are uttered out of anger. “It could also bring about curses upon those involved.”

Thirdly, Osɔfo Emma disclosed that the third type of curse arises when someone out of anger approaches a deity to seek its help to settle a matter between that person and another.

He added someone can go to a river god or a rock or forest with a schnapp and eggs to invoke the spirits that are inhabited there to act on his/her behalf. “This also brings about curses and the strongest among all the curses”.

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But was quick to add that, if one goes to any deity to invoke the spirit to settle a score between he/her and another, such behaviour also creates a covenant between the invocator and the Spirit and that covenant lives forever.

According to him, this practice of setting the spirits into motion among Fantes is known as “Ɔhyeyɛ”. This is because one is beseeching the help of a deity and commanding that deity to act in a particular way against the other person whom the invocator has a misunderstanding with.

In ending the conversation, he advised that people should be careful with the kinds of things they say against their fellow. “Once you lie against someone for no apparent reason, you have invited a curse unto yourself.”

He added that whoever decides to invoke the spirit of the dead or other deities to settle a matter can equally bring a curse unto themselves or against the other person.

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