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Do not give up—No Business as Usual Hub to entrepreneurs

Young business owners have been charged not to give up, even if, the journey gets hard.

With the recent economic downturns, businesses are yet to recover from the covid-19 effect.

At a forum, dubbed Screw Up Moment, budding and existing entrepreneurs were admonished to not to give up.

“The challenges will always be there, be determined you’ll overcome,” A speaker, Ms. Mavis Appiah, Founder, Maprosap Ventures said.

“Be persistent, when you give up, you’re not having confidence in God,” she added.

Organized, the No Business as usual Hub, Screw Up Moment, is one of the many events aimed at addressing challenges faced by entrepreneurs within the Asokore Mampong Municipality, Kumasi.

Successful young entrepreneurs take the youth through talks on how they started, their failures, and the steps taken to expand and diversify.

It served as an avenue for budding entrepreneurs to learn ways they can overcome business challenges and failures.

Subsequently, this would help them develop resilience in ways they can adjust and adapt in taking steps to succeed.

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