Ecow Smith-Asante, Albert Kuvodu and Barbara Newton Star In Episode 6 of ‘DEM TIMES’

Light Off continues as does Samuel’s backstory. He tries what he can to entertain his audience, still waiting in the dark, but not even episodes from his family drama, attempts at tongue-in-cheek comedy, or efforts to cram in a little action/adventure in by kung-fu fighting on the upper deck of a London bus can muster a positive reaction.

Through Samuel’s dithering, we at least get a quick introduction to his family; long-time partner in mischief, Miles, dependable older brother Henry, impressionable younger sister Rachel, and two parents who are utterly out of their depth trying to keep Samuel on the right path. Now it’s time to meet the grandparents.

Samuel’s story picks up thousands of feet in the air heading south before the Adjei family arrives at Kotoka international airport. There, they spend a week of family holiday time doing the tourist normalities while Maa and Paa, Samuel’s eccentric but well-meaning grandparents, house them in Accra– this will be Samuel’s fourth time seeing them.

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Things are about to take a serious turn, so serious in fact, that this is the pivotal moment in the entire Dem Times show: the choice to leave Samuel behind to finish his education. Tempers fray and feelings are fractured as Samuel explores a deeply personal moment in his recent past. Since he started the story, Samuel’s audience has grown to include an enraged but exhausted prefect and Belinda, Tiwa, and Efua and all their friends, who have questions on how true any of this actually is. Can Samuel keep his story straight? Find out in the final episode of the season. Episode 6 features veteran Ghanaian actors altogether Ecow Smith-Asante, Albert Kuvodu (Daavi o Daavi) and Barbara Newton (Atwe3).

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