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Use Valentine to extend love to the needy — Rev Gle

Reverend Eric Gle, Youth Desk Programme Officer of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana has called on the youth of this country to use Valentine day to show love to the underprivileged in the society.

“Valentine day is a day to show love to the underprivileged, widows, destitute and the sick,” he said.

Rev. Gle made the call in an interview with the Ghana News Agency in Ho.

He appealed to the youth to reciprocate God’s love by loving others adding, “Loving and helping others is an investment.”

Quoting from I John 4: 18 and 19 Rev. Gle said fear and evil could only be eliminated from society through showing affection and true love for one another.

He advised all to refrain from using the day for sexual promiscuity and any other form of anti-social vices, which he said would only result in misery.

Rev. Gle also appealed to the affluent in society to extend a helping hand to others especially in this month of love.

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He called on the clergy to use the pulpit to educate especially the youth on what true love is.

It was said that a Priest by name Valentine, who was about to be beheaded by Emperor Clausius wrote to a girl he was in love with and ended the letter with “from your Valentine.”

It continued that Pope Galesius replaced lupercalia, a Roman festival, which was Celebrated on February 15, each year in honour of the Roman god, Lupercus, god of fertility with valentine day and added it to the Roman Catholic liturgical calendar in 500 AD.