How to Wear Leather Harness Lingerie? |

A corset bra is a truly unique piece of the best leather lingerie clothing. It looks very intimate and literally changes the figure, giving it perfect proportions.

Corset options of underwear correctly tighten the waist and make the silhouette look perfect. To feel as comfortable and confident as possible simultaneously, you need to learn how to choose the right leather harness lingerie underwear. leather lingerie handmade boutique offers a wide variety of women’s leather full sets including custom harness body, strappy bustier set, and black or red cuffs.

When choosing this attractive product, you need to pay attention not only to the bodice itself. The appearance of the lower part of the dress is also of great importance. Today, many brands produce such models.

The advantages of a corset bra for women include the following: it looks very expressive and attractive; makes the figure graceful and gives it a perfect hourglass shape; tightens the model, which makes the waist thinner points out its beauty; correctly supports the breast, giving it a more perfect appearance.

Some women’s leather lingerie products can perform the functions of underwear, and become an element of the original image.

Current Models

This leather accessory from looks like a classic bra that goes into a corset. Due to its unusual shape, this type of lingerie looks very elegant. It correctly supports the chest and fits the figure, emphasizing all its advantages.

In fashion collections, you can find various options for such lingerie. First, it differs in the types of bodies: the traditional version, supplemented with bones, makes the breast shape more beautiful; underwear with the effect of Push Up or an ordinary thick cup; products with a thin cup made of lace or cotton.

Of course, comfortable and high-quality leather lingerie doesn’t cost a dollar. However, at the same time, it never makes a kinky look.

The bodice at the bottom ends with a corset. The most suitable options include products that consist of durable fabric with bones. These elements stretch along with the entire corset. This allows you to tighten the waist as well as possible and securely fix on the figure.

Many garments for ladies are complemented by a comfortable, removable strap that plays a supportive role. The straps can be swapped or rearranged depending on your needs. Tightening is also essential. In the arsenal of modern manufacturers, you can find quality products with 1-2 rows of hooks. These items of underwear provide an excellent tightening of the waist. Products with beautiful lacing are no less popular. They help to make the figure even more sophisticated and feminine.

If you have any difficulties with creating such a bow, you can use ready-made options:

A leather white translucent corset with lace can be worn in combination with blue trousers with a high waist. An elongated white jacket will help to balance such a bow. It will give the image a formal touch. White pumps and a clutch of the same color will complete the composition. A white corset with a decor in silver pins can be worn with skinny gray trousers, slightly tucking them. You can put on a cardigan over your shoulders and put on classic shoes on your feet. always seek to underline the women’s beauty and make every one of them feel powerful and beautiful.

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