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People have died, you’re still alive; humble yourself and stop arrogance, pride — Duncan-Williams advises Church Members

Presiding Archbishop and General Overseer of the Action Chapel International Ministry (ACIM), Nicholas Duncan-Williams has admonished his congregants about the kinds of character Christians must exhibit at all times.

The Archbishop told his congregation that, in times where people are now dying alot, they must learn lessons inorder to live longer and successful.

He added that these times are not the days for the believer to be angry for offences or be arrogant and grumble over little things.

According to him, people must rather be thankful and ask God why have their lives been spared when others are perishing.

He added that, these are not the days for a Christian to decide not to go to church just because another offended him/her or someone said something he/she dislike.

“Behaviour makes you self-righteous and a judge over God’s heritage. Such audacity of behaviour of being a judge over others is somewhat reprehensible especially when the Bible has categorically said judge not so you shall also not be judged.”

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The Archbishop added that, those who are exhibiting those tendencies because they are hurt or offended must stop because in his view, “These are not the days to be heard, these are not the days to get offended, these are the days to be humble. These are the days to be grateful for still being alive.”

He continued, “Is a time of humbling, is a time of reflection, is a time to be thankful and a time to be grateful. These are not the days to be arrogant and prideful. They are not the days to be insisting on rights. You have no rights. The dead have no rights.”

The Presiding Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams made these remarks when he delivered a sermon at his ACIM Church at Spintex in Accra. The whole congregation were all masked up and sitting according to the social distance. The sermon was seen in a video that has gone viral on social media.

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Duncan-Williams ended by admonishing his congregants to allow the true character of Christ reflect in all things they do.

“I know you’re blessed, take it easy, I know you’re sophisticated, but take it easy, I know you’re deep pocketed, but take it easy, I know you’re well connected, but take it easy, I know you can do whatever you want to do because you have the power, but take it easy.”