How to Choose Vape Liquid Flavours

Vaping, or using electronic cigarettes, has gained in popularity massively over recent years. One of the reasons for this is that e-cigs are seen to be less harmful than conventional cigarettes because there is no combustion involved. It is this combustion that produces most of the toxins associated with smoking. Other reasons that have led to the increasing popularity of vaping is that vapers can choose the nicotine level to enjoy or even enjoy nicotine-free vapes. Also, vapes come in many flavours offering vapers a chance to choose the one which tickles their taste buds. However, the many flavours available can be confusing and leave you overwhelmed and not sure which one to choose. This makes it necessary to know how to choose vape liquid flavours that you will enjoy.

Understanding how vape juices are made

Before learning how to choose vape flavours it would be best to know what goes into making vape juice. The key ingredients for vape juice are vegetable glycerin, a solvent known as propylene glycol, nicotine and flavourings. The proportions of vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) varies between different e-juices. The ratios in which the VG and PG are blended in an e-liquid determines various things; for example, the strength of the taste and the size of the vaping clouds. Vapers have to choose the ratio of VG and PG which gives them the best effect, and this is referred to as the sweet spot. Vapers also can choose the nicotine levels of their e-liquid or even vape nicotine-free. The good news is that you can get the best e-liquids and your favourite flavours from the leading manufacturer. And you will certainly like this manufacturer’s products because they come second to none in the market.

Tips to help choose vape liquid flavours

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When you want to pick vape liquid flavours, you could use the following tips:

  • Consider if you are trying to quit smoking

As you chose vape liquid flavours, you may be working on quitting smoking and as such are looking for a substitute for tobacco. You should look for those flavours that are close to the taste of tobacco, and the best thing is that they are available. Also, consider if you are looking for something that gives you a stronger taste than your cigarettes. With the help of the staff in the vape shops and other users, you can get the perfect flavour for you.

  • Factor in your personal preferences

The easiest and best way to start choosing vape flavours that you will relish is to consider the tastes that you already like. Given the wide variety of flavours to take care of the many taste buds, looking for a flavour without a starting point may be a tall order. If you start from what you like or know, for example, sweet or sour flavours, it will be easier to narrow down to the best choice for you.

  • Try Several Flavour Samples
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You could also use a straightforward way to choose vape flavours, and this involves tasting some samples. Fortunately, most e-juice shops have a sample section where customers can sample some e-liquids. You can pick some flavours from both ends of the spectrum, that is sweet and sour and sample them. Take a few of those you like and see if you like them in the long run.


On top of the above ways that you can use to choose vape flavours, you could try a mixture of several flavours or try a single flavour and see how you like them. You may also rely on your friends who vape and follow their flavours then slowly define yours.