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Rawlings is having peaceful eternal rest, enjoying – Lucifer claims

Nana Kwaku Peprah popularly known as Ayaaba, Quotation Master or Lucifer believes former president Jerry John Rawlings is enjoying his afterlife or eternal life.

“Every man when born has a mission he must accomplish in his life. Before you’re born you have a discussion with your ancestors. This is called ‘Nkrabea’ in the Akan language and what happens when you finally arrive on this earth is ‘Hyebrɛ’ meaning what you encounter and came to do on earth”.

He explained further that, people are born to accomplish some particular assignments on earth. “Some are born to help families, or a community and or a nation”.

In this regard, he said, before you are born, your ancestors have a discussion with you and deliberately give you the power to do achieve it. He added that this is to make you prominent and rich to be able to liberate your family members and your entire generation from poverty.

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Quotation Master cited businessman Osei Kwame Despite and former President Kufuor as examples to illustrate his point. He added that, until the appearances of these persons no one knew their families. But, these persons were born to help extricate their families from perpetual penury forever.

“In every family, there is always one person who breaks the poverty line,” he posited.

Ayaaba indicated that Dr Kwame Nkrumah was born to liberate Ghanaians from the oppression of the Whiteman. He added that the late Jerry John Rawlings was also born to achieve a particular task.

“So those who think Rawlings has died and there is some judgement for him, I only clap because Rawlings is enjoying in the afterlife or ‘Asamandu’ as called in Akan.

“If you’re able to accomplish what you were asked to do, you’re applauded and rewarded by your ancestors. When you’re unable to do as required, you’re punished and given the opportunity to be reborn to come and complete”.

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According to Ayaaba, EX-President Rawlings is enjoying afterlife having been able to achieve his task and purpose in life. “He was assigned to do was what he has done and those who think he is suffering should just forget about it.’

He explains that when one is unable to accomplish his purpose on earth before death “When that person is being reborn he or she would be afflicted with a deformity and also become a slave to serve in order to make amend the wrongs done and latter be rewarded. This is what we call judgement”.

He added, “There are two types of judgement. Spiritual judgement and physical judgement.”

According to him, physical judgment is the punishment exacted by nature to people who commit wrongs and nothing can be done about it. “No spirit has power over that. In natures punishment, when you cheat someone, somebody would also cheat you. That is called karma.”.

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He explained that judgement day as has been espoused by most people is when one dies, he goes to meet his great ancestors. These group of ancestors are called ‘Abusua santin ti.'”

Lucifer stressed that the ancestors from whom you came from to earth will judge you to ascertain whether you did what you promised to do or not.

Nana Kwaku Peprah spoke on Television CK monitored on YouTube.

In concluding the conversation, he advises people to be careful and make sure they do the right things at all times.

“When you discharge your responsibilities very well you’re awarded but when you fail to do what you’re expected to do you’re punished accordingly.

“Everybody has a mission and when your mission is accomplished, you are called to go and rest,” he ended.