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Drop ministers designate who performed poorly at vetting – Afaglo

Following the poor performances displayed by some ministers designate in the ongoing vetting, Ghanaians and some civil society groups are calling on Parliament’s Appointments Committee and the President to immediately drop those who performed poorly.

According to some Ghanaians, the shambolic performance of these ministers if approved would be a dent on the image of the country.

Joining the campaign to crusade against the approval of some of ministers desigante, the Chief Executive Officer of Marrer Ghana Limited and Susagtad Boat Building who is a sympathiser of the National Democratic Congress, Mr Novihoho Afaglo said a close look at some of the President’s nominees at the Vetting Committee rings a bell of ignorance and lack of expert knowledge.

Mr Afaglo said some of the nominees were seen on national television struggling to put out even correct English sentences together.

Speaking to this reporter, he said, “My friend is a shame that a whole minister designate cannot construct a full sentence without errors.

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“Seriously, the Vetting Committee need to take steps in dropping people who have no educational backgrounds or those with educational backgrounds but so clueless on the ministries they are going to head,” Mr Afaglo stated.

He stressed that over the past two weeks some of the ministers designate were reduced to public ridicule including primary school pupil questioning the integrity and leadership abilities of the government appointments.

The CEO said the opposition members on the Vetting Committee must insist on dropping those who could not put their thoughts together in order not to disgrace the country at international forums.

He charges Ghanaians, civil society groups and the general public to fight the appointment of some of the ministers designate who performed abysmally at the Vetting Committee.

Mr Afaglo pleads with the President to kindly make time to monitor the Vetting Committee and his appointees in order to make his own decision.

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