Akatsi North: MP supports people with tools in trade

Mr Peter Nortsu-Kotoe, Member of Parliament for Akatsi North Constituency has supported some five persons within his constituency with learning tools which will enable them to easily learn trade.

According to him, the five were selected to start the learning project which is aimed at enrolling five persons at the start of every month into different apprenticeship jobs.

The programme was initiated and funded by the MP and Mr Richard Awudza, the NDC Akatsi north Constituency chairman.

The five beneficiaries were the first batch to receive support from the Member of Parliament.

Each of the beneficiaries were given one sewing machine and its accesseories whilst they were handed over to an instructor to take them through the learning and the trading processes.

Mr Awudza in his speech during the presentation said, they deemed it necessary to enroll people to learn some skills for their own personal development in the area.

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“This is how we can also support those who were not able to get into formal education for varied reasons,” he added.

He further said, the intention was to make sure five persons are enrolled into various vocation of their choice every month and it will be extended to all communities within the district.

Mr Awudza thanked Mr Kotoe for buying into his initiatives and his maximum supports.

The beneficiaries have expressed gratitude to Mr Kotoe and Mr Awudza for their support and further pledged to learn hard.