I’ll sponsor a private Members Bill to outlaw GBTQI in Ghana — Rev. Ntim Fordjour

The Member of Parliament for Assin South, Reverend John Ntim Fordjour has emphatically stated that Ghana needs a new law to deal with the emerging legal issues regarding LGBTIQ rights.

Rev. Ntim Fordjour said it appears there are some new nuances in emerging LGBTIQ activities in the country which the law failed to address fully.

According to him, the laws must be review to bite more on the activities of LGBT groups.

When his attention was drawn to the fact that, our current laws frown on unnatural carnal knowledge and that LGBTIQ’s have a right to assemble, the MP said “I intend to sponsor a Private Members bill to help outlaw all other forms of LGBTIQ issues which isn’t under the law currently.”

He argued that our customs and religious frown on LGBTIQ. “Me being a Christian, I cannot support anything like that.”

He was speaking as a panelist on Metro Television’s ‘Good Evening Ghana’ show hosted by Paul Adom Otchere, yesterday Tuesdays 23rd February, 2021.

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Reverend Ntim Fordjour further averred that the Ghanaian constitution is against the LGBTIQ as enshrined in the criminal offences act.

According to him, there is no custom that supports LGBTIQ and same cannot be accepted today or later.

He added, since LGBTIQ is something that offends the sensibilities of Ghanaians, “Our laws should be expanded to delegitimize even those who do advocacy for LGBTIQ.”

Explaining further, he said rights are conferred on people by the society and laws are made by every society taking into consideration values, culture, aspirations and history.