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Using Conman to describe Mahama was inappropriate, i withdraw it – Amewu

The minister designate for Railways John Peter Amewu said using the word “conman” to describe former President John Dramani Mahama in run up to the 2020 general elections was inappropriate and therefore withdraws it.

Peter Amewu took back his ‘insults’ during his vetting by Parliament’s Appointments Committee on Wednesday, February 24, 2021 when he was asked by the Member of Parliament or Awutu Senya-West, Gizella Tetteh –Agbotui, what informed the comment and whether he himself is a conman.

He responded that; “I am not a conman. Yes, it is on record that I have used that word. It was in reaction to a statement that I issued when I was the Lands Minister, the implications and the dictate of that word was in a context at the time I was issuing that statement.

“The conman was not directed to what the interpretation might have been made. Of course, it was not an appropriate word to use at the time. In that context, I have withdrawn that word.”

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As the head of the Lands and Natural Resources ministry in the run up to the 2020 elections, Mr Amewu said John Mahama is a conman who does not fulfil his promises especially in the mining sector.

The former president had prior to Amewu’s comment said the government of Akufo Addo has failed woefully in the fight against illegal mining.

But Amewu in a sharp rebuttal said “what has Mahama been able to do? Today, we have created a lot of mining districts, we’ve created 12 mining districts and 33 satellite districts. We are bringing mining back to the decentralization level. The small-scale mining which was in the status quo was supposed to have mining communities.

“These were not inaugurated in all the years Mahama was President, we have just inaugurated them, bringing mining to the community of the owners of the resources. Decentralization, is the approach, so I am so disappointed in him.

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“He cannot address the problems. I’m telling the small-scale miners that this gentleman is a conman. He’s deceiving them and if they dare go in for him just because of galamsey, this country will come down,” he stated.