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Top Style Trends That You Need to Know About in 2021

Fashion trends are changing all the time, and this can make staying stylish incredibly difficult—and expensive. Therefore, to plan your wardrobe ahead of time, here are some of the top style fads that you should be aware of for the rest of the year, and that you will start to see everywhere from the catwalk to the high street.

1.    Men’s Cologne

Although scent has been associated with female fashion and beauty for many years, these days, many men are also starting to see the advantages of wearing cologne daily. Not only can it keep you smelling great, but it can also allow you to feel more confident and to make a subtle statement about yourself and your style. If you want to start experimenting with the scents that suit you, you should consider signing up for a men’s cologne subscription to try out different options.

2.    Wide-Legged Trousers

If there is only one good outcome of 2021, let it be that skinny jeans are finally fading out of fashion for men, making way for wide-legged trousers and baggy styles. Not only are casual trousers becoming wider and larger, but so are tailored suit trousers—helping you to stay smart without cutting off the circulation in your legs.

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3.    Nautical-Themed Clothing

With many people landlocked by the coronavirus pandemic, there is currently an almost universal longing for the sea and foreign shores. To inject a little of the sea-faring spirit into your everyday life, you should consider opting for nautical clothing. For instance, the sailor shirt is making a modern comeback, and many people are also opting to buy statement Hawaiian shirts for a summery look.

4.    Florals

Although you might think that florals are only for women, both men’s and women’s fashion is going to rely on florals throughout the year. Although you might want to play it safe with a floral shirt or bomber jacket, for those that like to try new concepts and trends, floral jeans and suit trousers are becoming increasingly popular, and can help you to smarten up your appearance both at work and in the event of being able to attend any weddings or other important events in the coming year.


5.    Loungewear

The push for loungewear that occurred in 2020 is not likely to fade during 2021, with many people still working from home and looking for ways to stay comfortable while they are in the house. The loungewear that is on the market, though, is starting to become more luxurious, with fashionistas everywhere looking for ways to stay both cozy and stylish—even if they are just intending on reclining on the sofa.

6.    Fleece Clothing

You might think that wearing fleece in the 2020s is a fashion faux pas, and yet many men and women are currently turning back the clock to the 90s with an array of colorful neon and pastel fleeces that can keep you warm in- and outdoors, while also allowing you to make a vibrant first impression on those around you.