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Right to Information Commission requests public input for RTI Legislative Instrument

Right to Information Commission has opened its doors to the public for recommendations on a Legislative Instrument that will provide for further procedures for access to information under the Act.

The Minister of Information in consultation with the Commission has begun steps to put together Regulations by way of Legislative Instrument (L.I.) under section 83 of the Right to Information.

In a statement, the commission made a call to the public, Civil Society Organisations and Institutions of Higher Learning “to submit proposals and recommendations towards the making of the Legislative Instrument (L.I). Proposals and recommendations can be sent by email: [email protected] or postal address. P. O. Box YK1179, Kanda- Accra.”

A Public Information with the exceptions in the Right to Information Act, Act 989, are accessible to the public.

No individual is to be denied access to information because of the non-determination of fees.

The Commission said it is ready to receive complaints by email at “[email protected]” while steps are taken to establish the Commissions office”.

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The Right to Infirmation Act was passed in n May 2019 to foster a culture of transparency and accountability in public affairs.

It was also and to ensure the implementation of the Constitutional Right to Information held by public institutions

The Act established the Right to Information Commission with the object to Promote, Monitor, Protect and Enforce the Right to Information granted to persons under Article 21 of the Constitution.

Since becoming law, the Government through the Ministry of Information began a road map for the implementation of the Act by recruiting and training information officers to assist Public Institutions perform their functions under the Right to Information Act.

Presently, as required under the law most Public Institutions have set up information offices or have an information officer designated to receive and respond to applications for information under the Right to Information Act

On October 19, 2020, President Akufo-Addo swore into office a Seven-Member Board of the Commission under the law to set up and operate the Right to Information Commission.

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Since its inauguration, the Commission has taken steps to put together an administrative and operational framework for the smooth implementation of the Right to Information Act, 2019, Act 989.

Funds for the Commission for its take-off is expected to be provided for in the 2021 National Budget.