Communique Issued At The End Of A Press Conference On LGBTQI+ By Muslim Ummah In Kumasi

Kumasi Muslim Leadership comprises of Chiefs, Ulama, Imams, Women and Youth with the mandate of providing Islamic teachings, counselling and community education on social issues and moral values

The one-day press conference is to address issues of LGBTQI+ issues in Ghana and also discuss the way forward in community development

During the press conference, the following were highlighted

  1. Islamic has condemned any act of LGBTQI+ and its related acts at all levels of the community
  2. Muslims must avoid this act as it is prohibited (HARAM) in Islam
  3. Muslim are advised to obey the teachings of the Holy Quran and Hadith and desist from any act of LGBTQI+
  4. We are boldly calling on any group or individual who wish to join LGBTQI+ to desist from his or her intention for the simple fact that all the Muslim across the nation shall never take it lightly
  5. We call on the goverment of Ghana and other authorities not to entertain this prohibited action because its a curse to any nation which entertain LGBTQI+
  6. The Muslim Leadership has opened its doors for all members of LGBTQI+ for proper counselling and rehabilitation of their moral values in accordance to Islamic Teachings
  7. Finally, we call on all Muslims to take part in National Immunization against COVID – 19 which will be rolled out tomorrow 2nd March 2021
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