Akufo-Addo’s government position on LGBT cosmetic – Western region network of churches

The Network of churches, ministers and council of elders based in the Western Region has taken a swipe at government for not proscribing the practice and advocacy of LGBTQIA+ activities in Ghana.

Addressing the media in Takoradi, Diocesan Bishop of Methodist Church, RT Rev De-Graft Brace stated that they expect the Akufo-Addo-led government to be the leading sponsor of a bill that will make LGBTQIA+ activities criminal due to the complexity of the matter.

“We have carefully studied governments approach in dealing with the LGBTQIA+ matter and feel that it smacks of cosmetic,” he revealed.

“LGBTQIA+ is an act of perversion and deep deprivation, which seeks to defy God’s procreation agenda for the propagation of the human race, abuse human dignity and cherished societal values and must overtly be condemned in no uncertain terms”, RT Rev De-Graft Brace stressed.

He called on the government particularly the Executive to call to order all foreigners in Ghana whose action constitutes an affront to the laws and sovereignty.

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He concluded by stating that “Ghana need to strengthen her legal jurisprudence and existing legislation to make stricter and more punitive for offenders while offering remedies to those who have failing prey to LGBTQIA activities through relevant agencies”.