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A/R: NBU schools Assembly Members on Alternative Conflict Resolution

Assembly members of the Asokore Mampong Municipality have been trained to employ the Alternative District Resolution (ADR) concept in resolving conflicts in their jurisdictions.

The training organized by No Business As Usual (NBU), a non governmental organization, aims at equipping the Honourable members, their abilities to promote social development.

NBU project, is a collaborative project between SOS children village Ghana, and the Asokore Mampong Municipal Assembly with sponsorship from the European union.

The project seeks to improve sustainable local economic growth and expand job creation by enhancing the collaboration of civil society organizations.

The project is objectively aim at providing training in enterptrneurship and employability skills targeting 500 youth within the Municipality.

Also, the project target at enhancing the capacity of the Asokore Mampong Municipal Assembly, to collaborate with civil society and private sector to improve revenue mobilization for local development, promote transparency and social accountability to citizens.

In her welcome address, Roberta Aryeetey, project coordinatr of NBU said, the assembly members are the main agent of change in their various communities hence the need to be educated on human development.

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According to her, the subject, “Alternative district resolutionc will enable Honourable assembly members to revolves divers conflicts issues among its citizenry amicably, without resulting to court.

Mr. Abdul Majid Musah, the facility in his presentation noted that, Alternative district Resolution (ADR) is a system to resolves conflicts in our communities aside the court system.

This according to him, is done through our traditional system, adding that “the court system is time consuming, waste of resources”, hence the need for local authorities to resolves to ADR.

He emphasize on Mediation as a method of resolving conflict, which sometimes referred to as assisted negotiation.

This according to him is a process for resolving disputes whereby a third party, known as the mediator assists the parties to negotiate a solution 5onthe to the problem.

In mediation, Mr. Musah hinted the mediator assist parties to take their own decision, without enforcing his decisions on them.

“The mediator control the process and the parties determines the outcome”. He indicated.

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To become a good mediator as assembly members, Mr. Musah underpin the for Honourables to posses prime qualities which includes understanding, Good judgment, Intuition, Creativity, Trustworthy, Authorit, Empathy, Constructive Ness, and Flexibility.

When mediating to resolve issues, the assembly members were advised to adhere to confidentiality protocols regarding the parties involved.

He advised all members to encourage their community folks to resort to mediation for settling conflicts to the court.

This he said will help maintain unity and love among citizenry after every resolution.

Participants thanks NBU for such innovative and educative training that has open their eyes of conflict issues.

They reiterated their commitment in adhering to the new concept to promote social, environmental and human development.