IGP petitioned to remove Kassena-Nankana Municipal Police Commander

The Inspector-General of Police (IGP), James Oppong-Boanuh, has been petitioned by a private citizen of the Kassena-Nankana Municipality, Mark Boldkid Kubuga, to remove the municipal commander of Police, DSP Oppong Agyare Francis over the rising case of robberies in the municipality.

The municipality has recorded an incessant spate of robberies most especially in the municipal capital, Navrongo.

A couple of days ago, a mobile money vendor who operates right adjacent to the Navrongo police station was robbed in broad daylight.

More than five robbery incidents have occurred in the municipality causing fear and panic among residents with some adopting measures to protect themselves. A recent case was when citizens lynched two suspected armed robbers at Kologo.

The Petitioner argues that the municipal commander of police has failed the municipality and its citizens and therefore is “inapt for his current position”.

“Despite the lackadaisical approach of the Police Command in the Municipal in fighting crime, the Municipal Commander DSP. Oppong Agyare Francis further exhibited his ignorance on March 4th, 2021 when he granted an interview on A1 radio in Bolgatanga and alluded that, their intelligence suggests that some of the youth will leave their motorbikes in the open, enter a bush with their women doing what they want to do and at the end lose their sense and thieves will come for their motorbikes and went further to appeal to the youth stop this behaviour” the petitioner intimated.

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DSP. Oppong Agyare Francis in the said interview said “one thing our intelligence has gathered is that sometimes, some of the youth will leave their motorbikes in the open, enter a bush with their women doing what they want to do and at the end lose their sense and thieves will come for their motorbikes. Most of the motorbike snatching incidents are caused by this attitude by the youth. So, I’m appealing that if the youth stop this behaviour, cases of motorbike snatching will decrease.”

This comment did not sit well with the petitioner who described it as insulting, bizarre and uncalled for.

“The harmless question begging for an answer is, in this day and age, DSP. Oppong Agyare Francis still thinks that young men in Navrongo who can afford a motorbike can’t afford a decent place to accommodate their girlfriends but in the bush? His comments are bizarre, uncalled for and unwarranted dehumanization of the young people in Navrongo who the Police in the Municipality are unable to protect”.

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The petitioner is demanding an unqualified apology from the municipal commander within a week and his immediate removal by the IGP.

“Within one week, the youth in Navrongo demand an unqualified apology from DSP. Oppong Agyare Francis, who has slept over his job all this while and enabled crime to foster in our communities like wildfire.

“The youth also demand the immediate removal of DSP. Oppong Agyare Francis as the Municipal Police commander for the Kassena-Nankana Municipality to make way for crime detection and prevention”, the petition added.

The IGP recently visited the area to ascertain happenings in the area however, this has not done enough to improve the security situation in the municipality.

Meanwhile, the commander is expected to meet the Paramount Chief of Navrongo, Pɛ Denis Aneakwoa Balinia Adda, today to discuss the way forward in fighting crime in the area.