Ian Jazzi – Road To Wookumoo

Ian Frederick Oshodi, better known by his stage name “Ian Jazzi” is a Ghanaian recording artist, actor, producer, and model. A typical day for Ian Jazzi as he likes to be called, starts with him usually waking up before 6:00 am.  All the same, he has gotten into the habit of listening to affirmations first thing when he wakes up which seems pretty cool and a good way to start your day. When he has time, he indulges in some workouts at home, and then boom, straight to work-related stuff. Apart from music, Ian is into advertising, real estate, and SME business consultancy.

Ian Jazzi’s music career started to fully kickoff in March 2010 where he dropped his first album “ In Stereo Vol.1 (ISV1)”. This was his debut album which he was also responsible for much of the production as he was now making a name for himself in the music industry.

The In Stereo Vol.1 album also featured productions from EL, the Canadian Producer Tnyce, Six45, and Jae Milla. It featured singers Raquel, Taurian Devueax and Yolanda Chioma Richards-Albert.

Following up on that with his mixtape he released in October of 2010, this mainly featured a lot of freestyles he did over beats made by renowned music producer “Jayso”. This released mixtape was meant to showcase the versatile rap skillset of Ian Jazzi over a number of commercial beats…. His skill, poetic wordplay, and lyrical style he uses when rapping is primarily focused on socially conscious, integrating elements of inspiration and spirituality.

After releasing his second mixtape, Ian Jazzi focused his attention on his new company, The Unwind Agency”, working on a number of models and advertising related contracts with Ecobank, Coca Cola, Ramel international and most notably his TIGO ghana Ad that runs on local televisions for a long period of time. During this period he released a number of singles in between and featured artists such as EL and Trigmatic.

Fast forward October 2010, Ian Jazzi linked up with long-time friend EL and released “Envy”, this single got people talking and there was a lot of airplay for this song. In the early months of 2011, Ian Jazzi released his first music video “ The Real” off an upcoming sequel he was working on at the time “Stereo Volume II – Turn The Volume Up” and this was quickly followed up with the video for Envy with EL. This video after its release won the number one spot on 4sytes Tv 10 music countdown

In August 2013, Ian Jazzi released the 32 track In Stereo Volume II – Turn The Volume Up mixtape,[] which featured Multi-Platinum Producer Coptic, rappers, Psalm 1, the Christ Junkie, and D.E.M.

Ian Jazzi has been in the music scene for over 10 years and has been credited with being among the pioneers of GH Rap which is a term to denote ‘Hip-hop made in Ghana. Providing his fans with a steady flow of new music that continues to push the boundaries of contemporary Rap music throughout his career, he appears to have no intention of stopping.

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His latest single WOOKUMOO, is a song about resilience and belief in yourself, in spite of resistance and opposition. The chorus, which is one to listen to, tells it all with the energy of the song and sets the tone for the energy being communicated to listeners throughout the entirety of the track.

Ian Jazzi has been working on his new album release, “I was Hia Some” and he has inked a distribution deal with DittoMusic UK to ensure its proper distribution worldwide and is set to drop this 2021.

The first single released of this new upcoming album featured Efya, titled Ankhasa

The second features, Wanlov the Kubolor, titled Kaaklo

In the meantime enjoy the Third single WOOKUMOO of his upcoming album, which is out now on all streaming platforms in anticipation of his album launch.

In his own word, Ian Jazzi says “Wookumoo was inspired by freestyle at the front back club in Accra. At least the chorus. When I had to write the verses, I thought about resilience, the state of the world, and the fact that even in Africa, we are constantly striving for the best in the face of several daunting challenges.”

Get to know more about Ian Jazzi’s music, upcoming and past events on his website

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