Listen UP: Mikal Asher presents “Original Binghi RMX” feat. Commander Messiah and XLNC

After 20 years, Mikal Asher picks up where he left off.  He releases first single on his Jahmikal Entertainment label. The song is from the “Binghiman Unchained” album, being released this summer. It is called “Original Binghi RMX”. In 1999, Original Binghi was the number one hit from the “Binghiman” album, on African Star Label.  This song was produced by Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare at Mixing Lab studio in Kingston Jamaica.  The song tells the story of someone in search of his true identity and then looking inside and finding the answers to all his questions. In it Asher sings: “I was sitting one afternoon looking across the sea. The day was nice, the sky was bright, and the sun was shining on me.  I was searching for some answers of my identity. I took time out and realized it was all inside of me”.  That song resonated with many Jamaicans and Ghanaians, it was received well by the people and is still being played on many Reggae programs.

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Twenty years later, Mikal Asher hooked up with MVF studios in Teshie Ghana and recorded the Original Binghi RMX.  The track was produced by Mistacii, who also performed on the song.  Also performing is Commander Messiah and XLNC. The RMX tells the story of one who has found oneself and is defiant about who he is as an African.  Fully aware of who he is, he tells the story of his ancestors going through the trials and tribulations of slavery. Then speaking with the power of the ancestors, he says he is still holding on to his spiritualty. He sings: “400 years inna white man land, work like slave with no compensation, kill off me dad and they kill off me mom. Take away my land take away my kingdom. Take away my Gold take away my diamond. Take away my knowledge, try take my wisdom but me still a give thanks to the Almighty one.”

Mikal Asher is back. He is back with a brand new single (Original Binghi RMX), a brand new album (Binghiman Unchained) and brand new management. Mikal is signed with Uprising Press/Media from New York City. You can find him on his YouTube channel, Mikal Asher. He is also on Facebook and Instagram under handles, Jahmikal Entertainment and Mikal Asher.  Also, visit his website at , YouTube Mikal Asher, Facebook, and IG as well

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