I was accused of trying to take money from UN after I went public on my COVID status – Joe Jackson

A financial analyst, Mr Joe Jackson, has revealed that he was heavily bashed by a section of the Ghanaian public for going public on his Covid-19 status after testing positive.

He also said some friends and relatives chastised him for going public on the matter. Others, he said, also accused him of seeking public sympathy to enable him extort money from the United Nations.

“There were people who came on Twitter and said I should shut up because I wanted to take money from the UN,” he told Roland Walker, sit-in host of the Key Points on TV3 Saturday March 13.

He added, “Family members will ask why you went public on the Covid-19 status.”

Mr Jackson was recently discharged from the International Maritime Hospital (IMAH) in Accra after successfully undergoing treatment for coronavirus .

He tested positive for the virus and was admitted to the hospital for medical attention. He spent 7 days at the IMAH.

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In a tweet on Saturday February 13, he said “Hallelujah! I was discharged from the hospital yesterday. I’m now quarantining at home and grateful to God and all the staff of IMAH who work with a smile at great risk.

“God dey! Vim day! Life is good! Protect yourself & your loved ones. #COVIDisReal #MaskUPGhana.”

In a separate tweet, while undergoing treatment, he said “Day 5 COVID+: Blood Pressure spike, Blood Sugar rising, Oxygen level okay. I live with these terms. Get used to them if you get COVID.

“Please pray for doctors & nurses as much as you pray for me. They are at incredible risk. IMAH.

“It is well. God dey! Vim dey!”