Too much sex destroys people, don’t overly indulge in it – Pastor Agyeman Elvis

The founder and leader of the Grace Mountain Church, Pastor Elvis Agyemang has made some shocking revelations that too much sex leads to destruction.

He said sex is something that should be expensive for men to acquire, but most women are offering it cheaply in recent times.

Pastor Elvis referenced Proverbs 31:2 which says, “Listen, my son! Listen, son of my womb. Listen, my son, the answer to my prayers”.

Explaining the above the pastor noted that, when Solomon refused to listen to wise the counsel of his mother and decided to follow women, it landed him in a place of Idol Worship.

“Thus, any man whose preoccupation, is all about sex and following women should be careful because it can land you into an unexpected predicament.”

To affirm his position, the leader of the Grace Mountain Church heavily dwelt on the third verse of the thirty-second chapter of Proverbs stating that, “Do not give your strength to women, nor your ways to that which destroys kings”.

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He made these remarks in a sermon to his church members on the message titled ‘Dangers of Sexual Perversion” monitored on his official Facebook page “Pastor Agyemang Elvis”.

According to him, men should not give their strength to women. “Thus men should not engage in too much sex and those who do that, do so at their own peril and that is a path that has destroyed Kings in the past and shall continue.”

He continued, “There is something in this world that destroys Kings, destroys people who have great future, destroys people who would have had bright future, it destroys them. If you devote your life to promiscuity, devote your life to womanizing, devote your life to chasing after men, your future is at stake.

“There are some women who have made themselves so cheap that, even some of them “Are cheaper than” than the cost of pizza and my weep for my daughters.”

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He indicated that among all the advise given to King Solomon, sex was not mentioned and he was told he needed a woman to help him to achieve his goal.

“It means the woman who would help you succeed in life, isn’t the one who all that she can offer is sex. A woman who can give you comfort that you shall forget that, you don’t have money, a woman who would pray for you, a woman who can keep money to buy land and farm on it. Sex wasn’t part of the counsel Solomon received from his mother,” he emphasised.