Woman’s breasts get stuck between two rocks

A woman’s breasts became stuck between two large rocks, according to a video uploaded to YouTube.

While it is usually kids who get in trouble and hurt when curiosity gets the better of them, this time it was a woman whose curiosity got her into a tight space.

The curious woman of China, tried to squeeze herself through a small space between two giant rocks in the popular tourist town Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang Province.

However, the woman got in between the rocks and was unable to get out. She ended up getting stuck between the two rocks because her breasts and bottom did not fit through the space.

Hearing the woman’s screams, other tourists called rescue workers. Fortunately, the ordeal did not last long, and it took 12 firefighters about 50 minutes to rescue the woman.

It took the firefighters about 20 minutes to get to the location and about another 30 minutes to lift her out from between the rocks using ropes.

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