Angry La youth demonstrate against military takeover of lands

A group of aggrieved indigenes of the La traditional area in the Greater Accra region have on Tuesday, 16 March 2021 invoked 99 deities to punish any individual who encroaches or puts up any structure on a yet-to-be-delineated tract of land at Tse-Addo in the La Dade Kotopon municipality.

According to the aggrieved youth, the La Stool/Traditional Council have held negotiations with the government, represented by the former Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, over La lands being annexed and encroached by the military. It was pronounced at the end of the negotiations in November last year in the presence of the military and senior officials of the Lands Commission, who were parties to the negotiations from the onset that parts of the lands should be released to the La Stool and that the parts required by the military should be acquired through due process.


The parties were asked to exercise restraint by halting all activities on the land until the agreement is firmed up and boundaries of the La Stool and the military is delineated.

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However, the military in gross defiance of the restraint order have moved to work on the land, with truckloads of building materials spotted within the embargoed area with some unknown developers clearing the area for unknown reasons.


This situation forced the youth of La onto the streets in protest to the failure of the government to order the military to halt its encroachment pending final demarcation of the disputed area.

The spokesperson of the La Youth, Mr Jeffrey Tetteh, told the media that President Akufo-Addo must act immediately to resolve the growing tension at La.