The fastest exchanges to get Bitcoin with Monero

Bitcoin (BITCOIN) is by far the most widely used cryptocurrency in the world. It has no centralized control and all operations are performed distributed on the computers of the network participants. Bitcoin is not registered in any country in the world, and its value corresponds to the value of all goods and services offered with payment via Bitcoin.

In order to become a member of the system, you need to register your account and download a wallet for your operating system on a website offering such a service. It is worth remembering that if you lose your wallet password, you will never get your funds back; transferring BITCOIN to another wallet by mistake, it will not be possible to return them; transactions in the system are anonymous; no one will understand the conflicts of system participants, since there is simply no one; knowing the wallet number, any participant can see the amount on it, but only the owner of the wallet can transfer funds.

Monero is a secure, confidential, immutable cryptocurrency, the main features of which are:

  • Untraceable payments;
  • Unbound transactions;
  • Immunity to any blockchain analysis;
  • Adaptive parameters;
  • Digital algorithms 100% protect electronic coins from hacking;
  • Since mining Monero requires a significant amount of memory, approximately 8 times the size required for operations with Bitcoin, the use of the GPU is ineffective.

Below are the exchanges to convert xmr to btc.

What is Binance?

Binance is a cryptocurrency trading platform. The project is international. A platform was being developed in China.

Binance cryptocurrency exchange is a more “advanced” product in terms of technical, as it processes, on average, 1,400,000 transactions in 1 second without any problems.

The Binance exchange started operating in 2017. The company has achieved a lot in a very short period of its work. The owners made an effective marketing campaign that allowed them to be announced to the whole world.

Binance began to work by collecting investments (holding an ICO). Crowdfunding was launched through the introduction of its own coin – Binance Coin.

At the moment, the capitalization level has reached more than USD 0.5 billion.

During the ICO, the owners managed to raise about 15 million US dollars.

In general, there are about 40 types of altcoins connected, so the choice on the Binance cryptocurrency exchange is very high.


Cryptopia cryptocurrency exchange is the brainchild of New Zealand developers. This project started about 4 years ago and was originally a mining pool. Simply put, the site was designed to mine digital coins. Over time, it was reorganized, so at the moment Cryptopia is a fairly large exchange platform, a distinctive feature of which is the presence of its own cryptocurrency.

Cryptopia has many obvious benefits:

  1. there is a huge number of supported cryptocurrencies;
  2. the site has a bonus program;
  3. you can earn on attracting referrals, receiving 10% of each transaction they make;
  4. the pleasant design of the site and the stable operation of the platform pleases.
  5. a big plus is the availability of a “feedback” form, as well as prompt responses from the support service.

Despite the visible advantages of the exchange, there were some drawbacks. These should include:

ü lack of support for fiat currencies, i.e. you cannot replenish your account using dollars or euros;

ü small trading volumes for some cryptocurrencies;

ü developers’ anonymity.


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