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Re: Cameroonian Child Trafficking Syndicate Busted In Kokrobite

The Nii Arde Nkpa Family the allodial owners ofKokrobite, Tackieman (Tuba) and Langrna lands congratulate the vigilance of the policeman of the Ghana Police Service in helping to arrest the suspected criminals on 12’11 March 2021.

The family informs the media and the general public that in the said news which is available online, one Evans Djabum, self-styling himself as the ADONTENHENE ofKokrobite by name Nii Kwashie Djabum is an IMPOSTOR.

The Nii Arde Nkpa Family has never or ever enstooled, installed or appointed an ADONTENHENE in Kokrobite or Tackieman (Tuba) and Langma.

Even though Evans Djabum resides in Kokrobite, he is neither a principal elder nor an elder with affiliation to the Nii Arde Nkpa Family, the allodial owners ofKokrobite, Tackieman (Tuba) and Langma lands.

The Nii Arde Nkpa Family by this press release cautions the general public and the entire media fraternity that EVANS DJABUM aka NII KWASHIE DJABUM is not the ADONTENHENE or a representative of the Nii Arde Nkpa Family in Kokrobite, Tackieman (Tuba) and Langma.

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We thank you for your cooperation and hope this press release will be published.

Yours Faithfully,

Rev. Dr. Michael Nii-Tackie Tagoe (Head of Family)

Joseph Nii-Tackie Tagoe (Family Elder)