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Arrest anyone selling pure water sachet at 30p – IGP told

A group calling itself Ghana Youth For Development (GYFD) has called on Ghanaians not to buy a sachet of pure water at 30 pesewas.

This follows the increase in the price from 20 pesewas to 30 pesewas by some sellers.

The group is urging Ghanaians across the country, to resist the 20 per cent price hike.

In a statement, GYFD said: “The police must arrest people selling pure water at 30 pesewas.”

According to the group, despite the increase in the price of a bag of pure water, selling a sachet at 30p is not right.

“Previously, it was GHS3.00 per bag and those who have bought fridges to trade sell it at GHS3.50 so that the common pure water seller who does not have money to purchase a refrigerator will go there and buy the already chilled water and sell.

“After selling a bag of sachet water, a profit of GHS2.50 is gained. Today, the price has been increased from GHS3.00 to GHS3.50 per bag so the one who has bought his/her own fridge to chill the water for the common pure water seller has also increased the price from GHS3.50 to GHS4.00, which is very reasonable.”

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The group noted: “The bag of sachet water now gives a profit of GHS2.00. Is it not enough?”

“Some pure water sellers have increased their prices just to cheat Ghanaians hence the call. If one buys a commodity at GHS4.00 and sells it at 30 pesewas, one will gain a profit of GHS5.00 because 30 pesewas times 30 will give you GHS9.00, which cheating.”

The group also stressed: “If you buy the water at such a price, you are helping them to cheat the ordinary man on the streets and also helping them to get rich overnight, so, report any pure water seller selling it at 30 pesewas to the police.”

It called on the Ghana Police Service, the Inspector-General of Police (IGP) James Oppong-Boanuh, to instruct his men to enforce an order that “there should be no increase in price to the ordinary man on the street”.