Video: Dream International Foundation donates ¢15,000 to a blind man who cried for help

A Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) known as Dream International Foundation has come to aid Mr Samuel Oteng and his family as they donated thousand five hundred cedis(GH¢ 1500) to the family after getting privy of the video on BrownGH TV of the family pleading with the entire public to come to their rescue.

It could be recalled that the First Lady of recently interviewed one Samuel Oteng who mysteriously went blind while in search of greener pastures.

Mr. Oteng narrated that he went blind after refusing to stay home for some months to give his eye rest just as his doctor instructed due to financial constraints.

Well, Mr. Oteng, who via BrownGH TV pleaded with Ghanaians to come to his rescue has finally met a life helper as an NGO known as Dream International Foundation comes to his rescue with GH¢1,5000.

According to Sammy, the representative of Dream International Foundation, they got privy to the video of Mr. Oteng and his family on Tuesday, and considering the family’s nature, they decided to offer immediate help available hence their donation.

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He revealed that though the foundation didn’t have enough money, Mr. Oteng’s story touched their hearts and they decided to help at all cost.

Mr. Sammy seized the opportunity to seek sponsorship for the foundation so that they can boost the NGO and put smiles on the faces of the poor and needy in the society.

Mr. Oteng and his family still need your support to survive since nobody has fully taken responsibility aside from Dream International Foundation’s donation.

Thus, the entire crew of pleads with NGOs, foundations, companies, and individuals to come to their aid and put a smile on their faces once more.

To reach out or donate to the family, kindly reach the business department of via +233 59 687 9740

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